Frequently Asked Questions on the Issuance of JD school credentials and the Conferment Ceremony

1. When can I register myself for the JD conferment ceremony?

From October 15, 2023 until November 30, 2023.

2. If I forgot or lost my personal law records (i.e., transcript or diploma) is my name enough in support of my application for JD?

We will try to make the verification based on records. But we do not promise a positive result.

3. What years of graduation are participating?

2018 and prior years

4. If I fail to attend the conferment ceremony, can there be another conferment ceremony that I can attend?

No more. There is only one ceremony.

5. Can I attend by proxy?


6. If I fail to attend the conferment ceremony, can I still get the JD credentials?

Yes after paying the prescribed fees (TOR, Diploma, other fees).

7. I would like to take part in the conferment ceremony, but not the alumni homecoming event. Is it possible?

Yes but you are encouraged to join both activities.

8. How will I receive information about the conferment after registering myself?

You will receive an email, a text message, or a call.

9. Can I participate with a companion?

No except if the companion is another JD recipient or is a caregiver for health reasons.

10. Can my family or friends come to observe the conferment ceremony?

No. Only the JD recipient with ticket shall be allowed inside the venue.

11. Are taking photographs and video allowed during the conferment ceremony?

Yes, within the allowed time, but you may also get the services of the accredited photographers and videographers.

12. How should I dress to the conferment ceremony?

For males, a black, dark gray, or navy-blue suit; for females, cocktail dress.

13. What documents should I bring during the conferment ceremony?

Ticket and other official identification.

14. What are the fees and charges in the conferment ceremony? How will we pay?

Diploma fee (? 530); transcript of records fee (P180); other fees to be posted. Payment procedure can be viewed at the AUSL website.

15. Is FB live coverage allowed through phone?


16. How shall I know that I am cleared to attend and get my credentials.

Alumni Office shall process your clearance and will send you a message as soon as possible.

17. Will I get my diploma and TOR after the ceremonies?

Yes, but within three days from your receipt of notice from the AUSL that your document is ready for pick-up.

Any questions not included here may be sent to for appropriate response.

LEB Chairperson Anna Marie Melanie B. Trinidad, Commissioner Lorenzo R. Reyes, and Chief Education Program Specialist Rodrigo C. Sagum led the conferment of the Educating for Justice Award to the Arellano University School of Law last June 29, 2023 in recognition for ranking 3rd of the top 10 highly contributing law schools in the country, covering their 10-year bar performance from 2011-2022.

This award recognizes the critical impact of the top contributing law schools in the administration of justice in the country, thereby fulfilling the mandate of the law. The prestige highlights the comparative share of institutions in the population of the new members of the Bar.

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