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Academic Guidelines Curriculum Sequence of Subjects Course Description

1) Criminal Law II Criminal Law I
2) Property Obligations and Contracts
3) Credit Transaction Obligations and Contracts
4) Transportation Obligations and Contracts
5) Insurance Obligations and Contracts
6) Wills and Succession Persons and Family Relations; Obligations and Contracts; and Property
7) Torts and Damages Obligations and Contracts
8) Evidence Civil Procedure and Criminal Procedure
9) Taxation II Taxation I; Persons and Family Relations; Property; and Wills and Succession
10) Agency, Trust and Partnership Obligations and Contracts
11) Sales Obligations and Contracts
12) Legal Forms Obligations and Contracts; Property; Sales; Credit Transactions; Negotiable Instruments; Agency, Trust, and Partnership; Land, Titles, and Deeds; and Insurance
13) Negotiable Instruments Law Obligations and Contracts
14) Civil Procedure Criminal Procedure
15) Special Proceedings Criminal Procedure and Wills
16) Administrative Law, P.O., Elec. Law Constitutional Law I & II
17) Public Corporation Constitutional Law I & II
18) Labor Law II Labor Law I, Obligations and Contracts
19) Land Titles and Deeds Property
20) Criminal Procedure Criminal Law I & II
21) Public International Law Constitutional Law I & II
22) Labor Relations Administrative Law
23) Review Subjects All respective component subject

Last updated: May 16, 2015

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